Powerful, Server-specific Protection

Protect the applications and data at the core of your organization; whether that data is on physical servers or virtual servers in the cloud or on premises. Sophos Server Protection integrates anti-ransomware, application whitelisting, along with our advanced anti-malware and HIPS providing easy, centralized management of the security of servers.

CryptoGuard stops local and remote ransomware from encrypting critical business data
Server Lockdown allows only trusted whitelisted applications and associated files to run
Malicious Traffic Detection identifies communication to Command and Control servers
Security Heartbeat
Synchronized Security provides accelerated threat discovery, active source identification and automated remediation
Application Control
Application Control limits the applications that can execute, further reducing the attack surface
Device Control
Prevent compromise and data leakage by blocking removable media

CryptoGuard Stops Ransomware

Even if ransomware sneaks past your initial layers of protection, CryptoGuard protects against the unsolicited encryption of server data, whether that ransomware is running on the server or on connected endpoints. Beyond stopping the ransomware and restoring the encrypted files back to their previous state with no loss of data, Sophos can also accelerate threat discovery, investigation, and response with Synchronized Security, reducing incident response times exponentially.

Synchronized Security

With Sophos Security Heartbeat™ on Servers, our unique Synchronized Security proposition revolutionizes threat discovery, investigation and response. Designed with servers in mind:

  • Shares real-time threat intelligence between servers, endpoints and firewalls.
  • Protects end users from accessing potentially compromised servers and network shares and vice versa
  • Create simple, actionable insights and automatic resolutions across synchronized products

Protects Without Impact

Sophos Server Protection ensures that your servers are protected from attacks without negatively impacting server performance — whether running either on physical or virtual servers, or on premises or in the cloud.

One-click Server Lockdown

Get powerful protection with our lockdown capabilities that let you whitelist your applications and lockdown your servers simply by clicking a button.

  • Protects Windows and Linux servers, whether running on premises or in the cloud
  • Protects Servers in the Amazon Web Services [AWS] or Microsoft Azure cloud while maintaining full visibility
  • Automatic scanning exclusions help to optimize performance while reducing the risk of disturbing key applications
  • Whitelist trusted applications and default deny for all other executables
  • Simplifies management by automatically recognizing your server applications that can run, and creating trust rules to allow them to be updated
  • Sophos automatically establishes and manages changes from trusted update processes

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