As our world becomes increasingly interconnected and reliant on internet access, you and your employees must stay connected and efficient no matter where they are working from in your office or at home. In order to do so, you first need to understand a little bit about how WiFi signals work.

Though we will always tell you a wired connection is the best way to ensure reliant connectivity, sometimes you need to work away from your desk, or it isn’t feasible to run a wire to your workstation. In this situation, you rely on a wireless connection to your network access point or a WiFi connection.


What weakens a WiFi signal?

A WiFi signal is simply a radio wave. Your computer translates data into a radio wave and sends it to your wireless access point or router, to be decoded and then sent to the internet via a wired connection. And just like with radio signals, proximity, physical obstacles, and other signals can interfere with your WiFi signal, weakening it in certain areas of your space. Removing these barriers can drastically increase your signal strength.

Something as simple as moving your router out of the metal cabinet it is stored in or out from behind a TV can drastically improve your connection. However, sometimes it is more complicated to reduce barriers to your signal, especially if you are trying to cover multiple floors or are in a building surrounded by other access points.


What can 10D do to overcome signal barriers?

Here at 10D, before we start a wireless network installation, we build a “mock” network to perform a wireless site survey of your building or offices. We survey your space and produce a heatmap of the signal coverage and strength of our mock network. We can then strategically reposition and/or add access points to ensure that the signal is strong throughout your entire space. We don’t do anything randomly!

We run our wireless survey by repositioning the mock access points until we can achieve strong signal strength through your entire space with the fewest access points possible- saving you money on unnecessary devices and unrequired wiring.

If your business is experiencing low WiFi connectivity, let us know, and we would be happy to help you. You can book a consultation call with us anytime here.