10D Tech is an Oregon-based technology solutions company with roots deep into Oregon businesses since 1995.

Our Roots in Oregon Business

10D Tech is led by individuals who are no strangers to pioneering new industries and services. Directed by Steve Roderick, Richard Roderick and David Hodgert, the right experience is in place to deliver the very best of services with the extreme attention to detail that our clients expect.

Since 1995 Steve and Richard have brought best-in-class technology businesses to the Oregon marketplace. In 1995 they launched ProAxis Internet, which quickly became one of the largest internet companies in Oregon. In 1998 they started The GoHome Networks, which became a national powerhouse in real estate website development with patented server technologies. In 1999 they started a Competitive Local Exchange Carrier (CLEC, aka Local Phone Company) which provided a wholesale integrated technology service used by companies throughout the state to service over 50,000 end users.

Finally, in 2006 Steve, Richard and Dave started 10D Tech, which provides IT and telecom services to companies throughout the state of Oregon and services clients with offices in other states.

10D Tech quickly established that our experience makes us the perfect organization to assist any business with managed IT, telecom services, and cybersecurity. Through 25+ years of experience and ongoing training, our expert knowledge has made the 10D Tech crew exceptionally qualified to manage, secure, and support both data and voice networks.

Our Commitment

As fellow business owners, we have gained insight over the years into how to navigate business challenges successfully and how to maximize the use of technology to enable productivity.

With extensive knowledge in technology, systems, project management, development, delivery, security, and technical support, 10D Tech has a rich history as a local Oregon business.

For our clients, this means that when you call, you are greeted by a courteous staff member who loves their job, focuses on treating you as part of our family, and works hard to maintain and protect your network infrastructure. Alongside customer service, we take pride in knowing that we help keep small and medium-sized businesses safe and secure.

Our mission is clear:

Deliver the finest marriage of business and technology expertise while providing a “Ridiculously Superb Client Experience, No Exceptions!”