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  • Quick IT Help, Just for You
  • Easy Automatic Updates and Backups
  • The Best Mix of Tech Know-How and Business Smarts
  • Smart IT Tricks to Save You Money
  • Strong Protection for Your Business Online
  • Total Confidence in Your IT Support

Dave, Steve and Richard

21 Questions


21 Critical Questions Your IT Consultant Should Be Able To Say 'Yes' To

6 Essential Benefits You Get From Choosing  10D Tech  Services & Support


At Your Service: Your time and peace of mind are paramount to us. Whenever you encounter a tech hiccup, 10D Tech ensures you have swift and easy access to support. Choose your most convenient way to reach us - through our support phone number, email, the HELP! button, or our web portal for submitting tickets online. We prioritize resolving your issues promptly, aiming for immediate solutions whenever possible. Because we understand how crucial it is to address your I.T. challenges without delay, we've made requesting support straightforward and hassle-free.


Stay Ahead with Cutting-Edge Technology: At 10D Tech, we empower you with the latest advancements in technology, ensuring that your network, cybersecurity, data backup, staff training, and telecommunications systems are not only current but also optimized for efficiency.


Leverage Our Expertise for Your Unique Needs: With years of accumulated knowledge, the 10D Tech team is well-equipped to provide advice specifically tailored to meet your requirements. Our core team, boasting over two decades of collaboration, stands ready to share their expertise with you, ensuring solutions that are as unique as your business.


Maximize Your Savings with Smart IT Solutions: Outsourcing your IT tasks and services to us not only saves you money on staff labor costs and software fees and ensures effective uptime solutions but also provides you with expert advice on the best technology purchases and the optimal timing for tech device refreshes. Let us help you make informed decisions that keep your operations smooth and cost-efficient.


Enhance Your Defense with Premier Cybersecurity: Elevate your protection against cybercrimes, including hackers, ransomware, and phishing attempts, with 10D Tech's business-class cybersecurity solutions. From the moment we partner with you, we fortify your network with industry-leading security measures, ensuring your data remains secure. Moreover, we empower your team with our expertise through education and training on cybersecurity best practices. This comprehensive approach covers all 9 layers of protection and gives you the peace of mind that comes from knowing your business and its data are well-protected.


Experience Unmatched Peace of Mind: With 10D Tech's team of qualified IT professionals by your side, you can confidently entrust every aspect of your business to our expertise and knowledge. Prepare to see a noticeable difference in how smoothly your operations run, knowing that we're dedicated to providing you with the best care and support.

Our Services

Managed IT Services

You can rest easy when you put your IT support needs in our hands. Never worry about extensive downtime again with our 24/7 monitoring services.

Cybersecurity Services

We’ll improve your company’s defense from cyber-attacks by implementing a range of policies, tactics, and technologies that are second only to none!

Cloud Services

Cloud services give you the power to collaborate using the Internet and intranet in your office to make doing business more efficient.

Data Backup and Recovery

We use a unique system that backs up all of your domain and server information and stores it in a dissimilar server off site so you’ll always be able to access your data quickly.

21 Questions


21 Critical Questions Your IT Consultant Should Be
Able To Say 'Yes' To

About 10D Tech

10D Tech is led by individuals who are no strangers to pioneering new industries and services. Directed by Steve Roderick, Richard Roderick and David Hodgert, the right experience is in place to deliver the very best of services with the extreme attention to detail that our clients expect.

See what other clients are saying about us…

Quickest Tech Support Team! Immediate Response!

The cost savings is what initially drew us to 10D Tech, but we discovered right away that 10D Tech has the quickest tech support team; sometimes, they fix issues before we even get through the troubleshooting call.  Our non-profit ministry made the switch to 10D Tech, consolidating services across all of the Adult & Teen Challenge Pacific Northwest offices and have been very impressed with their support, the quick response time and ease of working with them. It's easy to provide support when everything is going well, but when things go poorly, that is when you need great support and 10D Tech provided it when we needed help.

Troy Center Director
Adult & Teen Support
Shedd, Oregon

Professional, Prompt And Reliable Service That Gives Peace Of Mind

The fact that I always have a knowledgeable person to talk to when running into IT problems, without having to go through a phone tree. When I do have an issue, they are dedicated to a timely resolution, generally within the same day. It gives me peace of mind to know that my business protection from cybercrime is always up to date. I also value that I don't have to worry about the technical aspect of HIPAA compliance.

Dr. Frank Owner
Medical Clinic
Corvallis, OR

10D Tech Provides Peace Of Mind And Reliable Support In A Timely Manner

Peace of Mind has to be the biggest benefit of working with 10D Tech. Not only peace of mind that the hardware we have now is fully functional but also the support that we receive from 10D Tech. I know that if we run into any problem from here on out, I can simply send an email and expect a solid solution within a timely manner.

Throughout my career, I’ve worked with several different companies. 10D Tech has proven itself to be available and willing to help no matter the problem we face. In other companies, there is usually some dread when having to send a help email. Mainly because you know that you're going to get a round-a-bout Band-Aid fix at best. With 10D Tech that is not the case. You get a solid solution each and every time.

If you are on the fence about IT firms, you will get a peace of mind, and solid and timely solutions to any problem from real people that actually care about your business. Hands down 10D Tech is the company to go with.

Josh IT Analyst
An Oregon Fire District