Managed IT Service:

  • Help desk support.
  • IT documentation and IT change tracking.
  • Email management.
  • Proactive network and workstation management.
  • Proactive maintenance and monitoring.
  • Firewall management, virus protection and Dark Web monitoring.
  • A Cybersecurity package includes ransomware protection for workstations and servers, application control, managed privilege escalation, employee cybersecurity awareness training, and ongoing micro-training for staff members.
  • Data backups for servers and workstations.
  • Data backups for M365.
  • Compliance (HIPAA Certified Provider)

Enhanced Office Networks

With a team of experts to handle the day-to-day tasks, you can focus on growing your business. In addition, we offer enhanced small office solutions that let our clients grow their firms without worrying about maintenance or security issues!

Proactive Management and Maintenance

Today, I.T. needs to be a top priority for any company. With the help of our proactive team, businesses can ensure that their information is protected, and they never experience downtime or data loss again! We offer comprehensive cyber security services explicitly tailored towards small-medium-sized enterprises with multi-vector capabilities, including dedicated technical account management as well customer support at worry-free rates because we know what it is like when things go wrong...

Fully Managed IT Systems and Networks

Fully managed Small and Medium sized businesses and organizations will benefit from a fully managed IT service that will help them expand their operations efficiently. Advanced performance monitoring, unlimited remote support, and a Virtual CTO are just some of the benefits offered by our team for your expanding business.

Process Driven Team

10D TECH is a company that offers the best in I.T. Services and Support, with an experienced team of experts who can handle any problem you might face! From helping your business stay up-to-date on technology skills to providing troubleshooting assistance for network issues, Our clients’ systems are monitored and protected 24/7 365 days per year. Technicians are alerted and promptly respond if trouble arises. When it comes time to make changes, we make sure all aspects of any transition run smoothly with a process for success.

We take pride in having some pretty amazing talent working within our company and their collective passion towards solving problems through technical know-hows.

Preventative vs. Reactive

Would you rather outsource to an IT provider who profit$ from your technical issues or partner with one that continuously works to ensure your technology is running without an issue? 10D TECH is a true managed IT services provider, focusing entirely on both proactive monitoring and preventative maintenance to keep your technology running efficiently.

Hybrid / Co-Managed IT Services vs. Fully Managed IT Network

The IT landscape is changing at a rapid pace, but our Hybrid solution partners our technicians with your IT Staff. You can keep up with IT changes by partnering with our experienced IT Services and Support team. It’s an easy blend with technicians who have your business goals in mind. They’ll help design the and implement a plan for how technology will enable new ways of doing things and then provide on-demand support that ensures everything runs smoothly day after day—from installing gear to fixing problems when they arise without wasting time or resources trying other solutions first!

An IT transformation is not a one-time effort. To meet evolving business needs and stay current with technology, you may need an IT strategy that’s fully managed to help sort through and protect you from the constantly evolving security risks we face every day! With our easy-to-add IT Essential, IT Protect and IT Compliance Solutions, we’ve got you covered: Firewalls, Cybersecurity Updates, Patches, Workstation Support and Management of Networks with backed-up data. In addition, our top-notch technicians keep your office running efficiently and professionally with your best interest in mind.