Site Failover

Site Failover is a service that allows you to run your business from an off-site data center, providing peace of mind knowing it will always be available.

Site fails can occur at any time for many reasons, including natural disasters like fires or earthquakes; however, if disaster does happen, there’s no need to worry about replacing servers again because we’ll have everything worked out quickly and efficiently!

Business Continuity

Business Continuity is about more than just having a backup server or two in case something goes wrong. It’s all about creating systems and processes that can keep your company running, even when disaster strikes!

We work with you to find the best way for meeting these needs - whether it means getting access fast from one location while still maintaining off-site storage capabilities elsewhere... Or setting up some automation so critical data gets sent promptly over the network without human intervention at any point during its travels.

Colocation Backups

Colocation backups offer the peace of mind that your company’s data will be safe in case anything were to happen at any point during its transmission. With 10D Tech, you can rest assured knowing all information is backed up both online and off-site, so you never need to worry about losing anything important again! As our client we help your company recover files and applications within minutes from an on-site backup appliance or from a secure off-site data center in case of an emergency.

Office 365 Backups

Office 365 backups are essential to the health of your business. We know how important it is to protect your data and we can help you do just that with Office 365 backups. You’ll get infinite retention, so nothing gets deleted without at least one backup, along with compliance archiving (for the financial and legal industries) which captures emails after they’re sent or received in case there’s any later need for litigation proceedings or compliance requirements

We offer these services because no matter if its Sharepoints files (which require high-security), OneDrive folder storage spaces including images/videos etc.,

Off-Site Backups

We can help recover your files directly from a secure off-site data center without investing in expensive backup hardware or software licensing. We understand the importance and urgency in backing up your company’s data. 10D Tech offers an off-site backup solution that allows you to get back all those essential files, with an extra layer of protection from external threats such as fires or natural disasters while ensuring they will be available when needed most!

On-Site Backups

We can help recover your files from an affordable on-site backup appliance replacing the recurring expense of off-site cloud backup solution.

Which is better for your business? The question of whether or not you should have an off-site/on site or dual configuration backup depends heavily upon the specific situation with each company. While 10D Tech can help walk through pros and cons, some general rules always apply when making this decision. We can help make those decisions.

On-Site means you have immediate access to any file necessary without going through a process to pull data and files from an off-site server securely.