Microsoft Office 365

We can help your business achieve predictable costs, guaranteed uptime, and 24/7 enterprise support. With support, migration, and implementation.


Public Cloud Infrastructre

We can help your business store, edit or share data across many devices and locations with more ease and efficiency with cloud migration and management.


Private Cloud Infrastructure

We can help you move your servers out of your office and into a private data center, so you never have to worry about your server crashing unexpectedly again.


Network Design

We can help your company understand virtual hardware placement recommendations, mapping, and diagramming to help efficiency.


Technology As An Advantage

Continually updating technology to keep pace with innovation shows a business’ willingness to evolve rather than remain static. Your clients are drawn to companies that stay on top of their game, and other businesses are more likely to partner with well-equipped business leaders.


Preventative vs. Reactive

Would you rather outsource to an IT provider who profits from your technical issues or partner with one that profits when your technology is running without issue? 10D Tech is a true managed IT services provider, focusing entirely on both proactive monitoring and preventative maintenance to keep your technology running efficiently.