Microsoft Office 365

We know that your business relies on Microsoft Office 365 to function effectively. We are here for all of those moments when it really matters; our team is made up experts in their field with an extensive list of satisfied customers and positive reviews from existing clients, which show just how effective 10D Tech has been at providing top-notch support throughout Oregon and SW Washington since 2006. We can help you achieve predictable costs with guaranteed uptime for a seamless experience, enterprise support and migration services if needed-we’re here when it matters most!.

Private Cloud Server Infrastructure

Think of your business as a growing pile of documents. Data storage should be considered an investment in the future. The private cloud offers you more flexibility and control over your company’s data while still giving your staff access to important information from anywhere at anytime, on any device they use! We can help businesses store documents securely with remote backup systems so that even if something happens locally (such as a fire), all data and files will remain intact without losing days, weeks, even years worth of work trying to restore lost files from damaged hardware--it’s never easy, but our experts make this process less stressful by ensuring business continuity goals are in place. A Cloud server helps meet that goal.

Network Design

Virtual networks are complicated. That’s why we’re here to help your company understand the options and make recommendations that will be right for you! We can work with your company to make sure that the hardware and software requirements for a new project are met. We’ll also help you figure out where onsite and off-site (cloud) servers would be best suited, so it doesn’t interfere or overload any one location’s resources.

Technology As An Advantage

Staying on top of the latest technology trends is essential to staying competitive. Companies that had technology like; meetings via video call (or screen sharing), VoIP phone systems, checklists & automatic reminders sent through email, etc.… prior to our great pivot of working from home, had a distinct advantage. But it’s not always easy when you’re busy running your own business and trying to keep up with all those new releases, plugins or services that can quickly become outdated before they even hit their stride in this ever-changing digital world we live in today! Your clients are drawn towards companies that invest in their technological innovation. Technology is a great way to stay ahead of your competition, but it’s also an investment. 10D Tech understands budgets very well! we tailor equipment purchases specifically for each client’s needs. We know how important every dollar spent on our network (and therefore technology) really does matter; which is why you’ll never see any high pressured sales tactics or overpriced solutions from us - just straightforward advice based on extensive experience gained through years worth of knowledge combined with deep understanding into what exactly makes your network and workstations tick when it comes down “to” getting things done.

Preventative vs. Reactive

10D Tech is a true managed services provider, focusing entirely on proactive monitoring and preventative maintenance to keep your technology running efficiently. Preventing problems before they arise will cost less in the long run than dealing with them when the network is already crashed, and staff downtime is already out-of-hand. Reactive Support (“When it breaks they fix it”) profit from fixing issues when they happen. We compare it to maintaining the forest rather than re-planting the forest after it burns. Preventative Support brings stability by keeping the network managed, maintained, patched and updated. You are keeping your staff working.