Dave and Steve have been best friends since 1983. In 2000 Steve asked Dave to join their CLEC company as the Director of Sales. Dave had his own business experience as the founder of a nationwide company that pioneered the distribution of high-margin products with complex state by state taxing and regulation rules, delivered in a simplified consumer-friendly package for retail establishments. Dave grew his business from zero to 10 million dollars in sales before selling the company in 1999. After the sale of his business, Dave moved to Corvallis to work with Steve and Richard to build out their CLEC. Dave took the lead as the Director of Sales after the initial physical construction of two co-location facilities. He helped build the company into one of the fastest-growing CLECs in the state of Oregon, eventually serving over 50,000 end-users via a sophisticated telecom and data network.

Today Dave serves as 10D Tech’s Director of Sales and Marketing. He has a keen awareness of the challenges that businesses face daily. He works tirelessly in the community to help raise awareness of the latest cybersecurity threats and business strategies that put all companies at risk.

Dave’s commitment to the highest standards of integrity and customer satisfaction is second to none.