The vast amount of IT tools and business solutions can be overwhelming. We get that it can be stressful and even daunting to plan technology upgrades. But the fact of the matter is that investing in upgrading your IT solutions helps you build a foundation strong enough to effectively and efficiently support your business operations.

Having a reactionary approach, only fixing things when they breakdown, is probably costing you more in the long run. For example, switching your traditional phone system out for a VoIP solution can significantly reduce your costs while improving your team’s efficiency and flexibility.  Here at 10D Tech, VoIP is something we bring up with almost all of our clients because it can cuts costs while giving you even better features and capabilities than a traditional phone system.

What is VoIP?

Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP), also referred to as internet calling, uses your internet connection to make calls. VoIP can be utilized by devices connected to your IP network. Though this sounds new and complicated, it is a fairly established technology. The first VoIP transmission was actually sent back in 1973. As it has evolved, many businesses have replaced their traditional landlines with VoIP, as it is usually more cost-efficient.

The 4 Main Benefits of VoIP

1. Cost Saving

The savings from switching to VoIP can range, but it is universally agreed that the savings are significant. Ballpark estimates put savings between 30% and 50%. The most significant contributing factors to these savings are not having to purchase and upkeep devices, create a separate wired telco infrastructure in your space, and allowing you to only pay for phone lines as you need them.

2. Mobile Productivity

The ability to work from home is no longer an added bonus- it is a necessity. As we hopefully come to the end of the COVID-19 pandemic, we are seeing that many Oregon businesses are choosing to stay remote or at least offer their employees the ability to continue working from home. VoIP allows your team the ability to take their work calls from anywhere.

3. Stress Down, Productivity Up

When it boils down to it, VoIP is just a easier system to manage, and it is equipped with more features that can help improve employee efficiency.  With the decreases in stress and costs combined with the increases in flexibility and convenience, VoIP can help contribute to a positive impact on your team's morale and productivity.

4. Future-proof 

Adding or reducing your “lines” is as simple as the click of a button with VoIP. As your company grows you can be relieved to know that your communication tool will be able to accommodate your needs. Expansion or downsizing of VoIP systems is affordable, straightforward, and future-proof.

We truly believe that the decision to switch to VoIP is a no-brainer.  There’s a very good chance that VoIP makes traditional phone systems entirely obsolete and will replace them in the next several years. We can guarantee VoIP will give you smoother processes, a happier and more productive team, and better revenue as a result. Reliability and peace of mind are usually in short supply if you are a business leader, so don’t let this opportunity to grab some pass you by. You can book a call with us anytime to get started.