We’ve been talking about working with a trusted I.T. resource to handle your technology for some time now. We’ve discussed augmenting your team when needed and pairing your internal staff with an external resource. But there’s something you don’t need anyone else to do: audit your existing technology resource. If you know where to look, and what to look for, you can determine if your I.T. resource meets your needs reasonably and efficiently. It’s your company, and you are the one in charge of your I.T. resource. This article will help show you where to look and what to look for when auditing your existing I.T. resource. So, what should you look for?

Any technology audit is all about making sure you’re getting what you paid for. The obvious first step is to identify and list everything you are paying for: cybersecurity tools and training, helpdesk support, cloud or server maintenance, and network support, for example. The next step is to go item-by-item and determine what parts of these services you’re actually getting. Let’s break it down piece by piece:

Cybersecurity: A good cybersecurity solution will secure your data and system from cybercriminals, protect you from ransomware, establish a data backup and recovery plan, and include employee cybersecurity training. Is your current cybersecurity solution meeting these requirements?

If your current I.T. resource only provides you with basic firewall and antivirus protection, you simply don’t have the tools you need to operate safely in modern cyberspace. When auditing your existing resource, ask specifically about these things and determine if they’re meeting your required certifications and technology needs.

Helpdesk Support: When you have a problem with your email solution, phone system, servers, network, or workstations, how quickly does your existing resource solve the problem? More importantly, does that problem stay fixed, and is the problem solved across your entire network? The point of helpdesk support is to solve the day-to-day problems; if that’s not being done, then what’s the point?

Network and Server Maintenance: Is your existing I.T. resource staying on top of software and hardware updates? Do your servers have adequate power supply and power backups? Is your network infrastructure stable and efficient? If necessary, do you have redundant/backup internet connections? Falling behind on any of these things can rapidly leave you both at risk and at a competitive disadvantage.

Training: You could order the implementation of the best technology tool suite in the world, and it would be utterly worthless if you and your staff were unable to use it. Does your existing I.T. resource train you and your staff on new tools and technologies?

Reliability and Respect: This is something less about the technology and more about your existing provider. Their job is to help you, so how well do they do it? There are some essential questions to ask:

  • Do they consistently answer the phones live, or do you have to wait for them to respond to a voicemail?
  • Do they explain their solutions to you to help you understand what’s going on, or do they baffle you with tech talk?
  • Do they consistently and proactively offer new ways to improve your solutions, or do they wait until there’s a problem?

These questions are all important ones to ask; they’re the questions that will help you determine if your existing I.T. provider is a long-term technology partner or just a company benefiting from any problems you might have. This kind of reliability and respect is important for any long-term business relationship but especially true in this situation. You want to feel safe relying on the resource helping you protect your sensitive data.

We hope this article gave you a good starting point to audit your existing I.T. resource. A reliable I.T. partnership is invaluable for any technology-reliant modern business; you have the right and responsibility to seek that relationship. If you have any further questions or concerns, don’t be afraid to reach out to us—we’d love to set up a 10 minute call for a quick technology audit.

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